I think I have pushed Mom way too far with my picky eating. She contacted someone – an Animal Communicator. She has finally gone off the deep end – and I pushed her! If it wasn't so funny, I would almost feel guilty about it.

They talked the other night. I knew it was about me. The lady said I was testing Mom...and your point! She must have been asking Mom lots of questions...about my other dogie friends. Where I was in the pack. Glad to hear that Moms' answers was right. I know where I am – at the top! And yes, I do like it there. I'm not so much bossy as I am nosy. A bit of a tale tail too Mom says.

Mom told her how excited I get when I see my other Mom, Claire and her friend Melody. The lady thinks I am bonded with them. The dictionary says that means: Emotionally or psychologically linked. I think I will always be linked to my first mom and Melody – heck they took care of me since the day I was born....changed my diapers and all...wait, I don't think I wore diapers! But they did clean up after me.

I get to see them mostly at shows...I give them lots of kisses. I had hoped that one of them was coming to rescue me from showing – not the case! They actually told my Papa to treat me like a big dog and let me walk to the ring. What nerve! They should just mind their own business....he can carry me forever!

I am very happy living with Mom and Papa (especially Papa). I know I am a Papa's girl. He just smells so nice and he is so warm at night!

My Mom said she had to think about what the communicator said. You never should jump to conclusions too fast. You should at least sleep on it for one night! Mull it over. She says she always asks God for insight when she has a problem. He gives it to her at night when she is wonder she hasn't figured me out yet. Never tell Mom anything when she is sleeping!

Here is what I heard Mom telling her friend on the phone about the whole experience. Yes, I do do you think I learn about all this stuff to write about? Like I know friends are coming for a visit and we are going to the mountains....YES WE...I heard Mom tell Papa that I should come....YES - in her lap! Take that you dopey cavaliers!! Mom wants to know if I remember the definition of the word 'digress'. Back on track.

First, when Mom sees her pups that she has placed, they get all excited too. They should remember her and Papa and it is a good sign that they still love them. Mom says she would feel bad if her pups just forgot her. She was very happy that I got excited when I saw Claire and Melody...that meant that they were good people and treated me well. She doesn't believe that I love them more than her. I agree with her. She knows I love Papa best. I agree with her again. She is OK with that too....she loves to see how I work Papa. It warms her soul...whatever that means. She says that all the dogs here have picked their our owners. Like Clarice – she is attached at the hip to Mom - not too sure about that. I see Clarice walking around without Mom lots of times. Now in bed she is so close to Mom nobody - even me - can wiggly between them. Charlie belongs to Papa always has as far as I know. Andrea is starting to become a Mama's girl....Josie is still just a pain in the butt! Mom says she is a bull in a china cabinet. She needs someone her own age to play with! Miranda loves everyone. Mom says her heart is so big it can fit us all. I think she is just a brown nose! Goes back to all that butt sniffing!

We have one smart Mom!

Second, the lady told her to give me whatever I wanted to eat. Mom says that she had been doing that....and now thinks that she spoiled me way too much. OK, I don't like the sound of that!

Now I ask you...what is a normal dog? Josie jumps around like a mad rabbit...just begging to be fed then puts her nose to the bowl and inhales! At least Miranda and Andrea chew their food. Clarice is another inhaler - she has to be fed in a separate room or she will eat everyone's food while Mom isn't looking.....Charlie devours his – he is finished before Mom has all the bowls down. They all lick the bowl clean! Show offs!

Is that normal? Mom says yes! Yea well bet me!

Mom tells me how special I am...and would love it if I would just eat like I should. I'll think about it. Sure gets hungry out when I am just 'thinking' about eating!

One morning she made me, what she thought was a great meal - veggies and turkey topped with cottage cheese. So she had to cook up the turkey and mix up these special veggies - that she said cost and arm and a leg! All before coffee I noticed. I ate the cottage cheese...she wasn't mad, she just took the food away and says that maybe I'll eat tonight. Hey, what happen to the begging and hand feeding? I like that part the best.

At dinner she 'said' she was only giving me the turkey again...I turned my nose up at that! She gave in - put some kibble with canned food too. So I took some bites of the turkey....driving her absolutely crazy!!

I knew she wouldn't let me starve....I 'let' Papa hand feed me...only ate the canned stuff. LOL!!

She told Papa that maybe the next Havanese will be a great eater.

WHAT NEXT HAVANESE? This is the first I've heard about another Havanese! I protest! I am suppose to be the only special one here!

Huh, maybe I better start eating!

This is my life. My name is Gigi.

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Everyday you learn something least Mom says you should. This is what I learned the other day. Mom always says 'no' first then gives us what we want. Like another cookie or to get to go sleep in bed with her. Papa says 'no' really means 'wait'!

One rule Mom is pretty firm with....when we take a car ride - we are to always ride in a crate. She has a good reason. It is safe! Yes, it is comfortable too but I discovered a much better way to ride. Some of the others have known this secret for awhile...I think they kept it from me because I am not a cavalier!

OH Mom, you are going to be so sorry I found out!

So we are heading to Cedar with all of us, which is a monumental task o say the least. Picture: five dogs, two cats, two humans and of course - moi...all in one little Murano. As you can imagine there could be a bit of a logistic problem. With all the crates...there is absolutely no room for anything else. Charlie needs to ride in a wire do the cats. They take up more than their share of room - in my opinion!

My Papa is a genius...if anyone can get a car packed to the max – he can. He once was able to get four shelties with their own crate, three humans and all the show gear plus luggage into a minivan. It was an amazing site. Not an inch of spare room was left – side to side, top to bottom. Mom says the only picture she has of that is in her head. Now that is a scary place to be! Papa says she has wheels in her head and they are always moving.

No matter how you look at it...someone in our little group has to ride out on our trips to Cedar. Charlie, Andrea and Miranda took turns. Mom is always fair that way. Josie is just way to wiggly. When Johnny was here – Josie and Johnny rode in the wire crate ...they had fun and played with the cats that were right next to them. I miss Johnny – he was fun! Back to the point!

Clarice and I wanted our turn. Who was it going to be this time? Did you have any doubt...of course it was going to be me. I know just how to work this woman we all love and call Mom. The more I stick around her...the better I am getting at it too.

You have to start by staring at her...sorrowfully...sit by the door looking like you have the weight of the world on your little shoulders. I am so good at that! Once you can get her to look into your eyes...she is a goner! I have found it is the best way to get out of trouble and get an extra cookie....oh yea, I love to eat cookies, it's food I don't eat!

Now don't you go feel sorry for Clarice....remember she had a whole long trip with Mom riding shot really it is only fair that I get to try this mode of transportation out.

At the beginning of our trip, I began to wonder what all the hoopla was to ride on Mom's lap. I just can't seem to get comfortable. I'm too short to look out the window. And no offense Mom but you have the boniest legs!!

I noticed that Mom brought this thingy that she put around her neck. She said 'if' she fell asleep it would keep her head from rolling around. Can you see Mom's head rolling around the car. She is funny! Now this green thingy she put around her neck did keep her head from rolling around...but it sure doesn't keep her mouth closed or stop it from drooling! Mom says that is not nice to tell people that! She also says at least she doesn't snore! She sure does breathe heavy! But I digress – I'll tell you in a minute where I learned that word!

Mom tries her very best to make me comfortable...but a lap without a pillow...I don't know.You smart guys out there know where I am going with this, don't you!

A picture is worth a thousands words...and speaking of words, I was told to check some words and what they meant from a 'dictionary'. Thank you Sally – I didn't know there was a book with all those great words in it! Mom says I should learn a new word everyday and use it in a sentence...she used to be a teacher! The word for today is 'digress'. Mom says I will use that one a lot because I am always getting off track.

Can you imagine that somebody wrote every word in a smart is that! Now I do know what a book can chew the corner of one pretty easily...just don't make it one that Mom is reading and really likes...she gets pissy. I don't have to look up the meaning of that word!

I am going to become very smart now - one corner at a time!

My name is Gigi. This is my life.

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Clarice heard that if you get groomed, you get a cookie! How long do you think she will stay on the table out there? What a dork!!

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My Papa is the smartest man alive!
He got me my own email!
Mom doesn't even know how he does it.
Computer are a mystery to her!

Now....somebody has got to email me!

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My first win picture finally came in the mail. The lady in yellow is my first mom, Claire. Papa, of course, is in the middle and the lady holding the ribbons is one smart judge, Mrs. Delores Burkholder. Thank you very much for my first point!

My name is Gigi. This is my show life.

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