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This is a joke right? A crown!?

Clarice gets a CROWN?

Look I like her and all but how I am suppose to keep the pecking order in check around here if people send her gifts like that! Just what are you going to do about it may I ask?

First, Paula sent the gift to Clarice because she finished her Championship - which is a big deal! It was very nice of Paula!

Second, it is just something she can wear on her collar...she is a Cavalier KING Charles Spaniel. So it is fitting for her. Couldn't she be the King and you still could hold the title of Queen?

First, she is a girl. Only boys are Kings!
Second, I don't just hold the title of Queen...I am the Queen!

OK how is this...can she be the princess?
I'll think on it!

This is my life. My name is Gigi

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What is happening to my girls? Now Abigail lost Spice – her hamster? Is she roaming around the house? She better find it before Libby does. That cat will not be nice to her! I heard that she was eying that little hamster! Cats, hamsters! What were you guys thinking?

It's not that kind of lost? What kind is it?
Oh No...OH NO! Spice went over Rainbow Bridge?
What the heck is Rainbow Bridge? How did she get out of her crate?

Spice had a tumor on her foot. Tricia took her to the vets. The best thing for her was to help her past over...because her little foot was going to be very painful.

Oh......OH MY! THAT KIND OF LOST! I am sorry for my little girl. Is my Abigail OK?

Yes, she understands that it was for the best for her little friend. She was sad but Abigail is strong. She still has Sugar. Andrea is showing her LOTS of love too. She sleeps on her head at night just like her mom (Miranda) does over here. I went to see the girls yesterday. Bridget is feeling a little better. Abigail is making friendship bracelets. I bought them all ice cream! Everything is good!

Good! Now we can get the focus back where it belongs – on moi! I hear I am going to a dog show this week. I also hear that I will have to share a crate with the Squirt. I think we need to negotiate this! Maybe put the boys in one crate and the girls in another? Clarice and I will be good together...promise! She is my protector. I trust her. Lots more than I trust Nico. He is always looking to kiss me!

Yes, Yes, I know...Papa is going to show the Squirt in the show ring. I have made peace with it. Understand this – when he is done showing...he goes back into the crate – Squirt that is - and I – that would be me – gets into Papa's arms! You do that for me and I promise not to whine the whole time Papa is in the ring! You know I can be annoying!

Pictures! I want lots of pictures too! Mostly of me but will be OK if you take a few of Nico. Guess it is his big day...first time in the ring and all!

Any other requests?

No, for the moment, I'm done!

This is my life. My name is Gigi.

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Last night Mom was all nestled in her bed nice, cozy and warm...We were all around her...even me. When the phone rang. I have heard that it is never a good thing when the phones rings late at night!

Who? What? Where? Why?

Bridget is in the ER? I knew nothing good could come from sewing up Bridget's mouth! They thought maybe she had an appendicitis. Although I am not very sure what that can't be good if it sends you to a hospital.

It took Mom about 2 minutes after she hung up the phone to jump out of bed and get dressed. We all followed her to Papa's office - we are like a wagon train behind her - we had to hear just what was going on....she was going to go see Bridget.

Obviously, She hasn't looked out the was dark. She is suppose to be in bed when it gets dark. That is a 'Mom' rule...and it was raining. She always says if it rains in Vegas...we don't go out.

Somehow I don't think she means that 'we' includes us dogs. She would be very happy if we still went into the yard for - you know - doing important things! Just her and Papa shouldn't go out. Something about nuts on the road. It can rain nuts?? OK, that would explain what I feel when the rain hits me.

Anyway, she was up, dressed and gone in a flash! You gotta love Mom...she was in the car and had no idea where she was going. She 'thought' she knew...but while she was waiting for Tricia to come get her in the ER...Tricia called to ask where she was...

Mom: I'm standing in the ER.
Tricia: Which hospital?

She was in an ER all right...just not the right hospital. I heard Papa giving her directions to the right one. Then after she got it all figured out...she had to wait with Bridget and Tricia for tests to come back.

Bridget HATES needles...and guess what they stuck in her hand. A big ole needle!! It must have been at least a foot long! Mom said they were giving her fluids...You mean to tell me that she can't even drink with those things in her mouth? You're kidding me!

OK Gigi, don't get all worked up. First, the needle was not a foot long. It was much smaller. Although I bet to Bridget it must have seen longer. She can drink with her braces just not chew down on anything yet. But that will get better.

I want to see these braces for myself! You are going to have to take me to her...or at least get me a picture. You can't imagine what I am thinking! You know I am pretty good at cleaning teeth. Do you think she will need me to help her with those things in her mouth? I can get food out of the toughest places for her.

Maybe you should talk to her about that! I do have an pretty good idea how your mind works...I will work on getting a picture for you. Right now she is on a “Watch and Wait” for an appendicitis. It could also be a virus. The doctors weren't sure. I am going to bring her some lentils today to eat. You don't have to chew them.

Yes, I did break the rules about driving in the rain and the dark...I went down to the ER to be with my girls. That is a Mom's job.

Mom says the best part of the night (after she knew Bridget was going to be OK) was when she got home...back into her PJ's and her warm bed. We all, yes every last one of us, laid down with her, on top of her (Squirt) and on her head (Miranda). She said she didn't mind. It made her feel happy inside. She has a weird sense of 'happy', if you ask me!!

This is my life. My name is Gigi.

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It was raining this morning! Anybody who knows me understands how I feel about wet grass and rain! Now give me snow – that I love! The flakes on my face. I love to run around in it. It makes snowballs on my hair...Mom has to use the blow dryer to get them off! I especially love when there is a big pile of it. I can run into it head first!

I have a question for you. Doesn't the snow make you wet?
Yes, it makes me wet.
And you like it?
Yes, I love it!
Doesn't rain make you wet?
It is not the same as rain. Rain hits you on the head with hard drops. The snow just touches you lightly. BIG difference! So don't think you are going to convince me that if I can get wet in the snow I should be able to handle going to the grass in the rain. Not going to, not ever!

Nico doesn't seem to mind the rain.
Nico is dopey!

Tell me this isn't true! They wired Bridget's mouth shut!!!??!!! How could you let that happen? I know she talks a lot – don't you think that is a bit extreme? How is she going to eat?
What do you mean she got braces?
With pink rubber bands!?
In her mouth?

Her mother let a doctor put them in to help close the gap in her front two teeth? She can still eat even though they hurt right now! My poor Bridget. Does she need me to come and snuggle with her?

That is very nice of you...but we are going out today to buy her a fish. Maybe that will help some.

A fish! This I have got to see! Bridget snuggling with a fish! In or out of the bowl?

Gigi, sometimes you just make me so tired!

This is my life. My name is Gigi.

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